Playboy Gold Jackpots

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About Playboy Gold Jackpots Slot

There are some slot games whose titles are derived from famous shows, brands, movies, books, and so on. The best software developers are known to incorporate the knowledge of these entities into their slot machines and that is what Microgaming did with the Playboy Gold Slot. The slot name was derived from the popular brand with the name Playboy launched by Mr. Hugh Hefner. Although the slot game was launched when he was alive but he later die four years after the game was released. When it was developed, it was using the flash model but it later went out of stock thereby leaving players with a version that does not provide the users of mobile devices the best gaming experience. However, another variant of the game was launched to cater for players of all caliber in form of Playboy Gold that contain great graphics and designs.

The slot game contain five reels, six rows, and thirty bet lines with a return to players of 96.08%. The minimum amount you can use to play the game is 0.15 pounds and the maximum amount per spin is sixty euros. The game has been optimized to be compatible on various platforms. The graphics and designs used in this game are fantastic with a little tweak to the characters available in the former one. At the left-hand side of the reels you are going to notice these characters and the reels contain icons of low payouts as well as the high payouts ones. There are four main characters in this game and they are Hiromi, Stephanie, Carly, and Gia. The icon with the highest payout is Stephanie that will reward players with 8.75 multiply by their bets after landing five of the icons. There are multiplier wilds available to the players and it can be times two, times three, or times five. These wilds will showcase on reel 1 and reel 5.

Features of the Game

There are many options that you can utilize when playing the Playboy Gold Jackpots Slot and one of those you should note are the stacked picture icons. When you land these icons the block can turn to three by four thereby increasing your winnings. Wheel icon is another symbol you should take note of because with it you can activate the wheel bonus feature. After activating this feature, the reel will spin and once it comes to a halt you will be rewarded with free spins or fixed jackpots. With the jackpots you can twenty, one hundred, five hundred, or two thousand five hundred multiply by your bet. The free spins feature will give you many prizes thereby increasing your payouts.


Although the Playboy Gold Jackpots Slot is an amazing slot but it lacks innovation and creativity which have been mentioned in the feedbacks by players since the game was released. However, the software developer and the studio partnered with are yet to make any changes to accommodate the complaints of the players. Majority of the games launched by Microgaming nowadays are innovative and creative therefore, making many people to believe that this game has been abandoned. There are many positives from this slot such as the amazing features and the compatibility with the mobile devices. There are symbols that are of payout values and those of higher payouts increasing the winnings of the players. Playboy Gold Jackpots Slot is a fantastic game to try out although it has its ups and downs.

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