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Jack Hammer Slot Review (Netent) Online Slots for Free

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NetEnt Casinos

NetEnt never gets tired of providing awesome and exciting games for slot game lovers, and the Jack Hammer 2 title is another successful attempt to dazzle punters with a thing for slot games. The game is a 20-payline and is based on the story of a comic character. What we find most exciting about this game is the number of ways you can win massive payouts on this game. There are sticky win options, free spins and a scatter feature, all geared at ensuring that punters go home winning something massive.

The full name of this video slot is Jack Hammer2: The Fishy Business. And it is no gainsaying when we say this is probably the best slot game you will ever play online. Its impressive features include 99 paylines, a great graphics design, an ambient soundtrack, numerous bonus features and about ten different game level.

For punters who are new to the comic world, Jack Hammer is a character of the Marvel Comic universe. He debuted in 1975, and since then, has featured in many Marvel comic strips including Captain America. He was a bad guy in these comic strips, being an agent with Hydra and constantly on the run from the Agents of Shield. However, he later got superhuman powers and started dating a female wrestler.

Now all of this history didn’t matter to NetEnt, as they made Jack Hammer a good guy on a quest to rescue Pearl, a beautiful Jazz singer from her ugly abductor, Don Crabby. The impressive thing is that you win about 990,000 coins on 99 paylines using the five reels and three lines system.

Sound and Graphics

As a reputable gaming software provider, it is no surprise that NetEnt opted to make reels of the video slot look like the comic strips. This idea is brilliant and it made the slot title look amazing and pleasing. It is also reminiscent of the origin of the character. Apart from the reel design, all other parts of the game show a meticulous and deliberate effort to make the slot title look and operate amazingly.

For instance, there is beautiful and ambient jazz music always playing in the background, a Kerpow sound when you win a wild, and a loud and interesting zooming noise when the reels are spinning and you get some sticky wins.

The setup of the game also reflects the storyline. You will find Don Crabby standing on a platform on the right, controlling a pulley that moves across the top of the play area. With this pulley, Don Crabby suspends a tied Pearl over a drum of electric eels. Once in a while, Pearl gets lowered a bit towards to drum and she screams.

The symbols of the slot title are also interesting and win you something. Starting with the electric eel, it is the symbol that wins you a free spin. Other symbols include a violin case that has crabs crawling out of it, a picture of Jack Hammer and his assistant, a picture of Pearl singing, and a picture of Pearl tied up and being kidnapped in a boat.

With these exciting symbols, massive payout and a great storyline, there is a lot to explore about this slot title, which we invite you to do.

Paying Tribute to Marvel

We have said earlier that this slot looks and mimics the Marvel comic strips that birthed the Jack Hammer character. The question then arises to the reason for this decision, Could it be a way for NetEnt to pay tribute to Marvel for the character of some of the game developers are simply Marvel fans?

The answer to this question lies in the retrospective review of the growth witnessed by NetEnt in recent years. The company started by providing gaming software for land-based casinos. Going by the name Net Entertainment, the company produced software for sports betting for other platforms and also developed its gaming software. However, since the emergence of online gambling, the software provider started an online casino using its platform. By writing Java codes, it started developing its gaming software. The company evolved and the result of the evolution is what we see today.

Jack Hammer 2 Wilds

As a testament to how the impressive graphics of the game translates to an even more impressive presentation, Jack Hammer 2 has two types of Wild in its gameplay. In the main game (i.e. without free spins), the normal Wild symbol, the one you get with the Kerpow sound replaces all other symbols on the reel, except the electric eel which is the Free spin symbol.

The second Wild appears in a free spin session and comes randomly. There is no dedicated symbol for this type of Wild but you will see the “Wild’ label on it to help you identify it. As with the other Wild symbol, it replaces other symbols on the reel except the main Wild and the Free spin symbol. What’s more, you will only find them on three reels, the second, third and fourth reels.

Free Spins on Jack Hammer 2

To get a free spin on this slot game, you need to get five or more electric eel symbol on the reels. The number of electric eels you get determines the number of free spins that you get. Five electric eels get you ten free spins, six gets you thirteen free spins, seven gets you sixteen free spins and eight gets you twenty free spins.

Your winnings during a free spin are doubled, but this rule doesn’t apply to the winnings won under additional free spins gotten during a free spin game.

Sticky Wins

Jack Hammer 2 is not the first game to use the Sticky win concept. However, NetEnt decided to tweak the concept a bit to make it unique and also got it trademarked so that other gaming software providers cannot copy the concept for their offerings.

The Sticky Wins concept in Jack Hammer 2 gets activated when you have a winning payline or three electric eel symbol in a reel. When this happens, the winning pay-line is held, and the other reels get a respin. If the respun reels win, the next reels get another respin too. This process continues as long as you keep getting winning paylines after every respin. It only stops when you do not get a winning pay line from your respin, upon which your winnings from the held paylines are paid into your account.

Using Bet Levels on Jack Hammer 2

There is an opportunity to select different betting levels on the slot game. You will find the designated area below the play area. The available bet level is between 1 and 10. At bet level 1, you are betting 50 while at bet level 10, you are betting 500.

Instead of going through the stress of selecting through levels, you can use the max bet option. This option will set the bet level to 10, but will not change the coin value. When you then win a game, your winnings will appear on the paytable, multiplied by the number of coin (your bet level) and any other available multiplier at the time.

Volatility and RTP

The return to player percentage for this game is set at 97.1%. This percentage is very good for an online slot title. However, it is important to state that quoted RTP is only an average, and in this case, it is an average of 10,000 spins. This means that the decimal at the end doesn’t matter and account for much at the end of the day.

Another important aspect of the game that you want to pay close attention to is its volatility and variance. These two terms mean almost the same thing, as they determine how varied and the frequency between winnings and free spins. These terms seek to ask and answer the questions, “how often do you win on the game? And when you do, how big is the win?” if the answers to these questions are “very often and very big” then it is a high volatility and variance slot game.

Jack Hammer 2 is generally accepted as a low volatility game.

FAQs about Jack Hammer 2

  • Can I Enjoy the Slot Title for Free?

The good news is that you can play Jack Hammer 2 for free on many platforms. You should play for free at first before venturing into real money wagering. You can also enjoy lots of games that operate like the Jack Hammer 2 game.

  • Will I get Free Spins on Jack Hammer 2?

The slot title comes with an impressive free spin feature. With the electric eel symbol which serves as the free spins symbol, the higher the number of electric eels you get the more the number of free spins you get. What’s more, your winnings during a free spin get doubled automatically.

  • Can I win real money on this slot game?

Yes, you can win real money on Jack Hammer 2. However, before you can do this, you will need to sign up and create an account with an online casino. This process will involve you proving your identity and sending in some documents. After doing all of these, you will need to fund the account and wager this money. Your winnings will not be paid in cash unless you satisfy the wagering requirements which varies from one online casino to another.

  • Are there Jack Hammer 2 cheats or tricks?

There are no cheats or tricks that can help you win at this slot game. This is because the slot game uses an RNG (Random Number Generator), which is an engine that has been programmed to generate numbers randomly every time you spin. Therefore, there is no way anyone can predict or guess the symbols that will show up on the reels.

  • Is Jack Hammer Regulated?

The game and all other games operated by online casinos are regulated and checked by gambling commissions such as the UKGC to ensure that the numbers generated are random. Apart from carrying out these checks when the casinos start operations, these checks are also done periodically.

  • Is the game downloadable?

There is no need to download Jack Hammer 2. You can access the game on almost all mobile devices and platforms including mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers and desktop computers. Even if your smartphone is without buttons and uses touch technology, Jack Hammer 2 will work seamlessly on it.

  • Are there other Jack Hammer Games and do they relate to this one?

While it is true that there are other Jack Hammer titles, there are standalone titles with little or no connection to this slot game. But what we can say is that, if you enjoy this one, you can go ahead and look for the other Jack Hammer titles and try them out.

  • Will I get a progressive jackpot with Jack Hammer 2?

While this game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, you still stand the chance to make some great winnings on this platform.

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