GiroPay Online Casinos


The establishment of the Giropay was made in 2006, and it can be said to be an online banking system by the German.

The founding was made by German Savings banks, Postbank and some other credit unions that want to keep up with the growing demand by the clients that love to get the online services. Giropay services can be traced to 17 million customers and 1500 Germans.

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As of today, Giropay now caters to more than 1 million payments every month. All transactions are carried out in real-time, which is clearly stating that all transaction reflects almost immediately. The German and the Austrian Casino players make this their primary method of making payment.

Why Use Giropay?

  • The payment method is used by both Austrian and German players
  • It can be used by both deposit and withdrawal
  • This is a simple and secured way for accessing online banking
  • The transaction reflects almost instantly.

How to use it?

All processes that you will encounter while making use of the Giropay are similar to those that can be found while making use of some other online banking services. The moment you select the Giropay as a payment method, such a player will be automatically redirected to the login page of the bank account such that the necessary data and the personal details can be filled.

The next thing is for the bank to display all the transactions that have been made so far, the customer will be required to drop a PIN code and account number. The moment the task is fully completed, a TAN code will be sent which us the Transaction Authentication Number, this is the exact thing that you are going to use to ensure your transaction is confirmed.

After the bank is going to authorize that particular transaction and immediately send the payment to the receiving party after making a deduction from the account of the depositor


For a player to make use of Giropay as a means of payment on any of the online casinos, such a player will have to navigate to the deposit page and select Giropay as a method of making payment.

Then the player will be automatically redirected to the bank he had earlier chosen, the online transaction form will be filled, and the TAN code will be used for the authorization. After the transaction is fully completed, the funds deposited are going to reflect almost instantly.


Compare to some online payment methods, making withdrawals using the Giropay method is quite easy. All that you have to do is to follow the same process in which you have to make use of in making deposits. Your money will reflect in your bank account without having to undergo any form of a hurdle.


  • All payments are carried out almost instantly which means that you will not have to wait unnecessarily.
  • All transactions carried out using Giropay is done anonymously.
  • The players will be given the chance to make use of normal internet banking
  • The method is completely safe for usage


  • The availability is mainly for the Austrian and German players, and their banks are as well affiliated to Giropay.
  • Extra charges are to be incurred in the cause of making transactions. It varies from bank to bank depending on the particular one you signed up for.


Going through the steps that have been mentioned above. There is no need for the players to give out their account number, but this must be with the combination PIN and TAN codes that were earlier mentioned. No third party can take an unfair advantage given the fact that the account reflects almost instantly. Players can make transactions that are worth up to €5,000.

Casinos that accept it

If you check the online casinos that make provision for the Austrian and German players, they mostly recognize Giropay as a method of making payments. You can check them out in the above-listed casino.

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