Chess Round Slot Machine

Heavy Chips

World Chess Round Slot Machine. Play Chess Game Online!

Play Chess Game Online!Assume a logical task that is completely new with respect to your experience in Chess Round by playing BetConstruct’s online video slots.

While facing your opponents, adopt an up-to-date strategy to conquer them especially when you play on the reels to earn real money.Will you finally win the Chess Round? Here BetConstruct has done well by giving a vivid review of Chess Round and tips needed for playing it.

Instantly Appealing

Many slot titles can be misleading since they mostly emphasize the chosen theme. So, players feel deceived and discontented with their Chess experience but the case is different here.


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Apart from its online slot status, it bears almost the same properties as real chess and familiarity with the rule of the game is a plus point.

Right from when the game loads, one will be surprised by the graphical makeup in which a player is presented with a spacious chess board loaded with pieces. As at the time of taking your turn, the reels will not spin around but you will notice the up and down movement of the squares instead of the conventional rotation of the reels. This distinguishes reel chess from the main chess- pieces won’t drop while spinning.

To ensure that players fully concentrate on the game, the screen contains only the chess board and the chess timer. Intentionally, old-fashion and lock form graphics are used for lettering to ensure that the theme fit more perfectly.

Make Your Move

Although the game might be misleading at the start due to its simplicity, Chess Round is a sophisticated game that requires full concentration in every round.

There are 8 reels to play. Despite the name reels, no spin is required. The eight paylines available aren’t changeable. Hence, it’s a player’s decision to determine the amount to stake per line, as we have lines available from 1 to 100. So, the minimum aggregate bet is 8 while the highest is 800. Thus, the gap reflects that slot is a game for both the low betters and those that wager with big money.

Chess Round’s RTP isn’t published through a slot with an average level of discrepancy; nevertheless, the size wins don’t just appear easily.

To know the prize ahead of you before playing, you can check it at the Paytable. The slot has fixed prize, so don’t expect a change in your winnings even after changing your bet. This fixed price differentiates it from other titles from BetConstruct.

Similar to other slots, players get prizes for correctly matching identical symbols though players must be sure that the chess pieces are of identical colours. Else, three consecutive rooks might amount to nothing if they are just combination of black and white.

A prize is guaranteed just by matching three pieces, due to the size of the game, it is usually from left to right and payouts increase in the same manner towards the line of eight. As expected, the symbols with the highest value are the queen and king. A player that gets a consecutive match of eight will have a prize of 2,000.

Know Your Rules

Knowing the rules of chess is not a prerequisite to playing this slot but a huge plus if you do. The game was designed to give players clues on how to play it.

After taking your turn, chess piece will automatically re-switched according to chess rules on how and where to move. In case you are not certain on moving a piece, just click on it to know the next step.

Handling the third and fourth reels, some of the pieces glow blue; these confine the proximal pieces and alter them into wilds.

Wild symbols easily take the place of another except those from the scattered and blue pieces. Free spins between 5 and 20 can be gotten from scatters and solely depend on the number of scatters you have on the reels. All the winnings accumulated from free spins will be rewarded in three folds.

Clever Play

BetConstruct has propelled online video slots into a new height with its Chess Round product. The game features a perfect combination of logical contest and game of fortune. Just as unusual theme that draw attentions of chess lover; “it is not necessary to be chess devotee before you play the game”.

The game features wide flexibility in betting to enable both the low betters and high rollers to achieve their motive. So if you are a lover of slots, Chess Round deserves a trial.

>>Play on Chess Round Slot Machine>>