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Casino Mogul tries to imagine how you would act if you were in a similar position just as a casino operator. For example, you need to handle a vacant plot of space, solid ground, then reorder this resource to a multi-million casino.

You can make do with the below integral casino game categories as you please.

  • Keno, Black Jack, slot games, Roulette, Craps, Poker, and so forth

In addition, there's an opportunity to a large variety of structures, like eateries, pubs and clubs, stores, ATMs, etc.

To draw in more visitors, you'll have to work up a podium, then bring on board an entertainer. At your choice, you can decide to hire a comedian, a mystic, or an illusionist.

Besides, the casino you have come up with will require workforces to maintain it to operate as planned; therefore, it becomes necessary to engage and pep up barmaids, superintendents, comedians, safety personnel, and the rest.

(2002 Simulation Game) Casino Mogul

casino mogul

Casino Mogul PC CD Media

Now that you already have an entertainment venue, subways, tramlines, country clubs, and game reserves in place, what of a casino? Maybe you have once wished to come up with your gaming hub; Casino Mogul gives room for this kind of chance.

Moreover, just as it's not very excruciating or complex, the game truly puts on show the stuff that's looked for just by enabling users to set up and support a casino, with the whole activities encompassed in an orderly, hardwired interface.

No matter what the case may be, Casino Mogul is different from the caption “Casino Tycoon” Probably, this can also be perceived so as it puts into effect the reliable and typical make-up of “tycoon”-mode corporate virtual realities. It became voguish through calibers of Rollercoaster Tycoon.

At the Sandbox style, a user can start up with some money, along with an unoccupied structure all in line to design your casino. At the same time, the Tournament plan allows access to play versus other casino holders in competition. Alternately, to finish up various subplots established in advance.

While you can make do with any Clubhouse/Gazebo or Chinese thread, you can draw up the graphic design, including the behavior of a user interface of the casino of your choice. This way, by arranging items from a typical coin-operated machine to something imperial Parador for players to visit.

In addition, it's necessary to take on human resources, attend to unassailability, likewise ensure your well-wishers are always delightful by causing to be fun, an area or joints to have some food, relax, while away time, more like leisure. There's an enablement to play with many parameters in place, starting with the cost of one-armed bandits to colors of adornment.

Probably, it would've been pleasing enough if there's a chance for users to make an effort towards operating an unscrupulous casino, be a participant in the crowd, or network with national gaming authorities.

But, in the real sense of it, Casino Mogul is not structured as a many-sided simulation. The emphasis directs more to fixing a charming casino than needing to be on par with compound data or confusing actions.

Another pitfall, which is left, is tiny, illegible words of the jackpot support materials. The reality is that the video provides a background of the Las Vegas theme that is sincerely unaccounted for in the game itself.

The graphics may not be in the class to better-quality types; however, we can say it's awe-inspiring with this kind of markdown simulation game.

When it comes to all aspects of the visual artworks, starting with the perception of seeing spinning machines on each slot game through various croupiers doling out cards to players, it's evident with the amazing detailedness and formalism introduced.

You can check up the casino from almost any viewpoint within reach through either moving around or zooming the outlook from the effective 3D system. Also, the concept allows you to discern the eyes of any individual visible on the casino deck through a detector.

The background music does not get along more or less, while the lively instrumental annoys soon afterward; however, you can choose to deactivate it or reduce the sound intensity.

The background music is an excellent portrait of a casino; in short, it is so loud, having so many jingles and jingling tones. Most likely, you'd prefer to switch it off in the long run.

Commonly with many games of “tycoon”-mode, the extent of the user's passion for having Casino Mogul is a factor of their eagerness to the theme. However, despite the fact you have not made an appearance at a land-based casino, you'd indeed have much fun and chances for creativity to make it acceptable.

casino mogul

Inside Cover Right Flap

Artistic material: Even as the visual artworks are somewhat familiar, the concept has a good detailedness; definitely, users can, at their discretion, look through your design via a pretty much-unlimited number of viewpoints.

Music notes: The most inefficient feature of the game is the music notes, in addition to the irritating tune & a recording that keeps repeating to hearing.

The fun of it: The play concept is straightforward to master, along with the game's softness attributes that suit different users.

Replay Value: The casino would have allowed for additional casino themes; however, the non-specific set-up of the game enables users to operate it provided that they'd like with no limitation.


On the overall scale, Casino Mogul's pleasant idea is indeed commensurate to make up for the annoying breakdowns experienced with its model.

Casino Mogul may cause you to have a headache as the concept has a few major hiccups, among which is the game repetitive and irritating recording. In contrast, casino Mogul pulls in all kinds of creativity by RollerCoaster Tycoon (also with a funfair).

Besides, it allows users to handle a casino ranging from fields to the wheel of fortune. Still, it is a different game having a whack to pull apart the “tycoon” initiative; meanwhile, it does introduce a pleasant idea that's practically acceptable to make up for its infuriating pitfalls with the configuration.

The simple truth is that you begin on a lighter note. From the start, the only thing with you is a vast open space unoccupied. At your discretion, you can erect a paymaster kiosk & slot game. More features and games have conditions.

Before you can pitch a baton, you'd require a warden's locker. To create Caribbean stud poker games, including blackjack, you'd need a superintendent cop shop. To create higher-order game tables, for instance, craps and pai gow poker, you'd have to provide coaching to bet.

Afterward, you're at your own will to incorporate a guesthouse, stores, a keno studio, and a bookmaker. The pace of Casino Mogul's is appropriately viewed in this way—as at the time your facile games begin to yield more funds, then you'd have overly sufficient to start considering other better games. While these begin to return cash, expect to have enough so you can proceed with the big-budget features.

Aside from that, the pace is worse. The casino you have come up with can have only few crowds. You just have to stretch as a means to bolster up the expanse. Nevertheless, the game has a very striking difference with the number of rooms the user has to encamp an immense multitude, including the number of seating you'd use for table and slot games.

In this respect, excellent preparations are put to advantage since you can end up enlarging without frills; therefore, it's possible to draw more guests, far from why you require the room. But, on the other hand, it brings about issues with your warden's, known to have to enclose more floor, then clear away patrons' refuse that usually roams about. Under no circumstances, have something doing.

Yet, you will possibly experience one more issue; if you make up your mind to stock the room that’s vacant with low-bet blackjack lists & slot games, you do not eye up scads of the area of the colorful floor.

The whole thing you create for the casino you came up with has a fee for looking after it, while this fee is the same regardless of what quantity is put into service.

A slot game in a strict condition can be valued so much to manage compared to a type that makes sense of so many activities. As a result, making an effort to arrange for a casino we can say is dynamic and acceptable is not a suitable choice.

Penury, at any time, is likely to happen, while Casino Mogul provides no overdraft or support to assist in canceling out losings. Therefore, as soon as you begin to lose cash before you know it will clear off your account immediately. Likewise, the various devices in the casino developed by you tend to get worse very fast, therefore designing four slot games all together will make sure that all of them can stop working together.

For sure, the games not working are never the worst that could happen. But, the hell on earth is the person's doomed with the casino you have created. The fun extends to these people, while they suffer breakdowns, in fact, so many hitches. To make up for these hurts, you have to come up with emergency care bases.

Casino Mogul

Casino Mogul Back Cover

The Surgeon at the Bases

Most likely, the surgeons found across these bases can be very fast & make all possible effort to assist the victims suffering from coronary infarction, fighting the prince of darkness. The lucifer walks across the door at the entrance during an early trace of cardiovascular disease. He makes an effort to hit your surgeon to the patron on the point of death. It is an absurd view & a scenario that can be amusing should in case it failed to occur periodically.

It's not possible for a patron that's no longer alive to continue with the bet; also, there are chances for you to lose cash from the unfair demise legal action coming after some time.

From time to time, your surgeon can move at full speed to the stage all on his own. All the time, they can only find themselves lounging around, then you'd need to instruct this surgeon of yours to help the sick.

The vast majority of the rest of your workers can consistently take action independently–wardens can roam about, then clear the snack bar, dung, essential parts can put the tables back to order, including games not working.

Not just that, barmaids can handle requests. Unexpectedly, it's not apparent that wardens can act all by themselves, also assuming a guest is pocketed or probably a merchant detects a person defrauding, you need to guide your security agents to apprehend this villain.

The fact is it's unpredictable and aggravating because the game may probably be more straightforward; let's say you may have only noticed the casino under your custody operating on its own.

The games ought to be action-oriented. Unfortunately, it's not the case. It appears unusual seeing users can zero in, then look at anybody playing the craps or blackjack. However, it's not possible to handle the game by you, personally.

Casino Mogul

Inside Cover Left Flap

Zoom in feature

In any way, zeroing in is not bad. The visual artworks are somewhat thickset and old-fashioned; meanwhile, there's an option to zoom, turn around, then slide the camcorder as you wish.

In any case, somewhat to suit oneself. Another terrible aspect of Casino Mogul is that it hangs slowly with just a few patrons. As soon as you can have enough individuals by the entranceway, merely just a tap can take a good number of attempts to enlist.

An effort to adjust the slot game color at a casino full of activity is pretty much meaningless. While it seeks to set out a floor covering or embellish the facade—it has no allowance to put into effect large ornaments; hence you have to do it a small section at once.

Irritating Background music

The most unpleasant thing about the game is no other than the background music. At first, you'll surely get irritated with the sound from the slot games that keeps recurring, also with the monochrome sound kept running day in, day out. In the long run, it gets disgusting, though you can switch it off; ascertain you carry out this at any time the chances open up in the first place.

At the very least, Casino Mogul can probably be an inspiring simulation of genuinely doing business at a casino, likewise all plights it likely involves.

It's embarrassing the fact Casino Mogul experiences this pressing issue. However, the idea about it is awe-inspiring. Looking after your guests roam about, fiddle with the games, & grumble of all manner of critics brings about an entertaining session –a more understandable edition of the theme park simulation which prompted it.

Moreover, Casino Mogul compels users to act carefully to avoid falling into a trap, not permitting them to earn a large amount of cash or create in excess.

Does this idea tickle your fancy or catch your attention? Of course, you will thrill the game while working up a vast, preferably uncommon, casino getting worse at a faster rate. Also, maybe you are brainy; you can demonstrate this by saying nothing.

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