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Big Game Slots: Read this Guide Before Playing

Big Game slot is a mobile-friendly game with an excellent user interface. This slot has multipliers and the way it spins is quite unusual, but it is very cool. Check out more about this casino by clicking here.

  • The slot has low volatility.
  • The Return to Player for this Slot is 100 percent.
  • The minimum bet is 0.30 while the maximum is 45.

How to Play Big Game on Your Mobile

In a mobile video slot safari that's a touch off of the ordinary, you can spin in 16 various ways.

The Big Game mobile slot, together with its brothers; Age of Spartans and Horn of Plenty, was released in May 2015 as part of Genii's first generation of Spin16 games.

While the games are all quite similar in terms of gameplay, the Big Game slot has the highest payoff of the bunch – 45,000 coins. Otherwise, multiply your wager by 100.

Not convinced? We were not all that enthusiastic either. But then we started having fun.

Consider it a Big Game slot roulette.

The Spin16 slot's entire premise is that you can spin the reels in 16 different directions.

The ‘house' (or the green arrow) will choose one of the reels depending on which one you choose.

You gain a 10 times multiplier if it lands on the reel you chose. 3 times or 2 times multiplier if it hits next to it, depending.

It may appear to be a difficult notion at first, but once you've gotten used to it, you will find it to be extremely simple.

You only have to choose a reel and pray that the green arrow lands on it. If it does not, the win you do obtain will be insignificant. If it happens, you can receive a rush from catching some of the larger multipliers.

The question is whether to spin hot or to spin cool.

This is the really smart bit of the Big Game slot machine.

If you prefer the ‘traditional' spin button, you can pick to spin hot or cold, which is the direction that is currently the coldest or hottest depending on real-time outcomes from other players online.

It is not as much fun as picking your reel, especially because the swiping action was designed with mobile casinos in mind, but it adds dimension to a straightforward video slot.

This is not big game hunting. It is not that we think the Spin16 function is a gimmick, but actually, the slot itself lacks the kind of activity that results in the kind of significant win thrills.

It is much more aggravating when the green arrow hits on your pick and you do not have a win to take benefit of the 10 times multiplier.

It is a good beginning Genii, and unique and entertaining enough to keep you entertained for a while, but as you realize that this Big Game slot game lacks claws, you begin to crave the finer graphics of Mega Moolah or the continual active action of NetEnt's Stickers.

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Slot statistics for the Big Game

  • The Big Game Slot was released in May 2015. This mobile slot is a video slot with low volatility.
  • The Slot has 30 Paylines and 5 Reels.
  • The coin range is from 0.01 to 0.10. The minimum bet is 0.30, while the maximum bet is 45. 4,500 free spins are the maximum prize.
  • Bonus rounds: Spin in 16 different Directions, Spin Hot & Cold.
  • Free spins: None
  • Slot Themes: Animals

In-game bonus features

Wilds: The lion is a wild symbol that can be used to replace any other symbol. It also has a 2 times multiplier that may be stacked with the Spin16 game multipliers.

Scatter: The scatter is the joyful elephant, and it performs what scatters do.

No, not free spins, but payouts regardless of whether or not they fall within the 30 paylines.

Multiplier Spin16 Match Game: Spin one of the reels and a yellow arrow will appear pointing in the position you select. A green arrow will spin once they have settled.

You will get the following multipliers depending on where the green arrow lands and if you win on all 30 paylines:

  • 1-time multiplier if neither the reels nor the direction match (or none basically).
  • 2 times multiplier if you match the direction up or down.
  • 3 times multiplier if you match the right or left direction.
  • 5 times multiplier if reels match but not direction.
  • 10 times multiplier if reel and direction match.

To get the bigger multipliers, we normally choose the left or right reels, but this is a bit riskier.

Hot / Cold Spins: These are buttons on the side of the reels that choose which of the 16 reels to spin for you.

Pick spots where the green arrow has statistically fallen more frequently across all gameplay online and spin hot.

Pick spots where the green arrow has not landed in a long time across all gameplay online to spin cold.

Conclusion of the Big Game Review

We might have agreed to the ‘spin in 16 different ways if we thought the multipliers would allow us to win a significant sum.

To reach anywhere near some good winnings, you will need at least 5 wilds on a 10 multiplier.

Nonetheless, the Big Game mobile slot is not without some advantages. It works with Windows, Apple, and Android phones and keeps your wallet somewhat stable, especially if you utilize hot and cold buttons.

==>Play on Big Game Slot