High Fashion Slot

High Fashion Slot Review Online High Fashion Slots with Real Money

A slot game review designed by RTG developer, titled High Fashion Slot, features 5 x 3 reels, 25 non-adjustable pay-lines, which presents a behind-the-scene of a global top-ranking fashion exhibitions with characters like, cosmetics, driers, cameras, fancy footwear, & certainly good-looking supermodels, having these models as its wild symbol & bets limit ranging from 0.01 – 0.25 coins

High Fashion Slot

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Hey Punters! Have you once experience & admire while you are in-camera across any of the global top-ranking fashion exhibitions –here is an opportunity to give this “High Fashion slot” a spin, an exciting concept by RTG developer.

Aside from players having the privilege to mingle with good-looking supermodels & famous dressmakers. They can as well obtain jackpots as compensation for discovering much stuff necessary to establish this adventure operates efficiently just as cosmetics, driers, cameras, fancy footwear, & certainly good-looking supermodels.

Perhaps the exhibition is successful; then such player can earn multiple giveaways comprising of Trivial & Core progressive pots, Wild SuperModels, Scatter symbols ‘Runways”, Model & Catwalk Feature.

Besides, Behind-the-scenes puts across ranges from a fair, affordable bet value as low as 0.01 coins for each spinning. In contrast, players can explore this fashion exhibition through the newest mobile devices; you know what I'm referring to, High-grade & more recent OS devices.

High Fashion Game Structure

This High Fashion slot rhythmical flow of the racecourse gets established with the potentials of Paris, London, NYC & Milan, & each of these zones is ideal stations for this exciting slot game. High Fashion slot features 5 x 3 reels arrangement, which opens up during the spinning actions right after you initially perceive a sight of a supermodel.

However, players will get extremely inspired each time they get to discover merely the monetary value possible to obtain as a reward for rendering assistance during any of these remarkable shows.

Jackpots Wins

The game adventure takes place towards some distant span behind-the-scene at a fashion exhibition, & these characters tend to rummage around throughout the zone. Nevertheless, it should, in case you can assist these characters in reaching their final destination.

Such player can obtain 100 shekels as a return for cosmetics, 150 shekels as a return for several splendid red-flashing Jimmy Choo footwear, 1,250 coins compensatory to fancy Ralph Lauren & 250 shekels as a return for camcorders.

Besides, there exist several fashion-models alongside great personalities with a poker face which players can pay attention to with the gameplay. Also, each time they become visible over any of the first or fifth reels, it turns out to be Wild & seize each of the entire reels.

Nevertheless, quite similar to their recognition, which the remaining characters require to get rid of their path – as a result, implies higher jackpot values– & at which the gains get magnified twofold. While a player makes visible a model over first & fifth reels simultaneously & such participant can obtain the Model element worth 5 bonus Games at which a single or the two models get wild.

Indeed, this main slot adventure transpires over the runways, & while a player discovers the entire five, these tend to reward players a worth of 100 times the players' overall bet values. In contrast, three to five of these runways tend to activate five additional bonus games.

Besides, it's possible to obtain extra freebies of any progressive pots offered at random, alongside Mini Jackpot, which is equivalent to $200 & the Core Jackpot is up to $1,800, quite a substantial amount.

Bet Limit

Typically, we do hear of high heels; these heels might seem elevated while you observe them in any fashion exhibition. However, the value of the spinning bet never appears similar to this notion as players can place bets starting as low as 0.01- 0.25 coins for each spin.

Select from 1 – 25 of this slot pay-lines, after that place bets over the pay-lines. With regards to the value of the coin, it thereby implies players can bet from 0.01 coins – 6.25 coins for each spinning actions (0.25 x 25 pay-lines perhaps you place the bets across each of these pay-lines.


High Fashion slot is a superb story-line, entirely of more improved themed jackpots, & several freebies, it's a slot brand that will ever maintain to be groovy.