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Ancient Gods Slot

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Ancient Gods Slot is another thrilling game of a remarkable story from RTG's desk. The Slot is officially released in the year 2018, designed with five reels & 25 pay-lines.

Unfortunately, Ancient Gods Slot is not a progressive slot machine, though it presents the familiar wild characters, scatter icons, mobile, bonus spins, multiplying co-efficient.

If you decide to play Ancient Gods Slot, expect a jackpot-winning worth 50,000x of your wager amount on each pay-line, with the Return to the player percentage specified at 96%. Also, it's accessible for play on either a smartphone or computer.

Specifics about Ancient gods slot

  • Gaming developer: RTG
  • Return to player rate: 96%
  • Variance: Mid
  • Number of Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 25
  • Coin denomination: 0.01 – 0.25
  • Highest wager amount: 6.25
  • Highest winnings: 50,000x wager amount for each pay-line
  • Wild symbol: Available
  • Scatter icon: Available
  • Bonus spins: Available
  • Multiplier: Available

The Adventure

Travel through the extraterrestrial empire of prehistorical deities, the ageless creatures of Eden that keep safe the whole world, including all incorruptible treasures.

You can find Tigers, serpents, Tortoises, jewels, Dragons, as the squad of social justice warriors, also referred to as the curators of the righteous. As a player operating this game, your responsibility here is to dig out the Gold-inlaid medals as these throws open the heavenly golds, then release copious counts of bonus spins.

The intervening Dragon assists you along the line in the mission & known to replace all standard characters to have no-sweat wins. Ancient Gods video slot exhibits 5-reel, 25 win-line, an idea from the great minds of RTG developers. Merge up the intervening Dragons & Gold-plated medals in the expectance of receiving more-than-enough bonus spins.

A Guide to playing Ancient god slots

In these Slot reels, you'd discover all the relevant animal idols about it. The Wild shows up as an intervening Dragon & it replaces any familiar characters in the game. Meanwhile, the scatter symbol denotes a Gold-plated medal known to activates the Bonus Games.

The intervening Dragon turns up the most valuable payouts in Ancient god slots; meanwhile, the Dragon colored green rewards the highest sum amid the money-spinning characters found here, along with the serpent, Tortoise, Tiger, & jewels. Along the line during the game, you can notice enough boxes of low worth. Each box keeps pace with a particular animal idol.

The reels found with the slot edition as of 2018 roll on in the extraterrestrial empire, the one that houses prehistorical deities & it marks the point which players kick off their chase of humongous treasures, wealth fit for the gods.

The Ancient gods' Slot case allows up to 25 modifiable pay-lines that reward left to right, beginning from the reels by the extreme left. The least with which you can win for low-value symbols is Gleek, whereas high-rewarding characters also release prizes in the case of two matching sets. As low as $0.25, you are good to go playing the game, up to $6.25 for each spin.

Good hints to consider while playing Ancient gods Slot

  • Whichever of the Gold-inlaid Medals or intervening Dragon on view can equal two intervening Dragon Wild symbols over the reel under consideration
  • Show up three or more of the Gold-plated Medals to activate the Bonus Games
  • Having extra intervening Dragons across the reels during the activating spin implies more bonuses lie in wait.
  • The multiplying co-efficient that applies to the payout at the time of the feature equals up to 3x.

More Features

Show up a Gold-inlaid Medals only any reels, just one precisely, alternatively an intervening Dragon. In effect, you can have as many as two more Wild symbols found over the reel under consideration. It would help if you appeared three or more of the Gold-plated Medals across the reels to trigger the Bonus Games addition.

In this case, it will be of benefit to bring up so many of the intervening Dragon Wild symbols. You can have two bonus spins for each scatter & wild symbol shown on view over these Slot reels at the time of the activating spin.

Maybe you activate the play element with 4 Scatter symbols, all the jackpot becomes magnified twofold, whereas supposing you start the feature with 5 of the Gold-inlaid Medals. You have a 3x multiplier take effect on the total payouts. If a scatter or wild symbol shows up during the bonus feature, it attaches more intervening Dragon. Also, the Bonus Spins addition is reactivatable.


The highest potential winnings to watch out for every rolled reel are 50,000x the wager amount in each pay-line. You can have this maximum payout won while the Bonus Game feature is running, mainly if you activate the feature with at least 4 of the Scatter symbols. As a result, you can have as many as 3x multipliers.

Note this: intervening Dragon icons reward the highest value here, up to 2,500 coins in Return to 5 identical combinations. For example, the Dragon colored Green returns 1,250 for the whole combination.

What motivated us about Ancient Gods slot

  • Clear illustrations
  • A lucrative Bonus Game attachment
  • Accessible for play on any gadgets put to use

What discouraged us about Ancient Gods slot

  • The storyline is very much familiar & nothing about it is special
  • It's better to consider somewhat more adventure


From the whole thing we observed up to this point with Ancient Gods slot, the game is merely a fair video slot machine. The storyline has no unique characteristics; it speaks of the prehistoric deities we encountered with the vast majority of games having the same theme.

Besides, the Bonus Games addition is entirely satisfactory, but players receive bonuses also through the Wild symbols with the activating spin. In contrast, the Bonus Games play element is intriguing, supported by potential multipliers, so many additional Wild characters & other bonus rewards.

On that note, the game is enjoyable to pore over the extraterrestrial empire while chasing after immense riches.

  • Our ratings for Ancient Gods slot general performances: 82%
  • Programmer: Real Time Gaming
  • Launch date: The year 2018
  • Accessible for play on computers, smartphones, etc.

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