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Wild Fire 7s Online Slot (RTG)

Most slot machines today utilize a broad spectrum of advanced technological features. Game lovers who want to loosen up with slow-paced games can opt for an old-fashioned 3-reel slot machine. You also have the luxury to immerse yourself in a laidback gaming spree.

In any case, Wild Fire 7s is a complete package that works for every category of player. It is one of the most alluring slots you can play for fun. The slot game has a lot in store for enthusiastic gamers, ranging from action-filled freebies to high-tech interactive features.

Wild Fire Sevens Information

Some slot game lovers are constantly on their toes for the most unconventional and innovative slot machines. The 5-reel video slots typically include an extensive collection of bonus features such as scatters, spins, multipliers, respins, wilds, and many others. These features have been added to make the game more absorbing

However, not every player has a high opinion of the whistles and bells that come with the 5-reel slots. Most slot enthusiasts will instead opt for a 3-reel slot machine that will take on a trip down to the good old days. Those days feature basic features and atmosphere. To these players, that was enough to thrill them.

The first slot devices took root in the late nineteenth century with a five-drum and fifty-playing-card-symbol device. The slot device was a large metal device that you would find in a candy shop or a hair salon corner. Bettors would toss their coins inside and pull the crowbar. If the cards formed a poker hand, the punter wins. Typically, the rewards of the game are a bar drink or a piece of fruit.

As time went on, the slot machine advanced to an automatic payout system. How does it work? The player removes the drums and installs three reels where five characters would appear. Each character combination will release its specific payout.

The new device was known as “Liberty Bell.” It delivered rewards in coins. Later on, anti-wagering sentiment flourished. So the fruit characters and prizes replaced the card characters. Hence, players received their tips in the form of chewing gum. The Vegas casinos adopted the device in the thirties and forties. At that point, slot machines became the emblem of the new Gambling capital.

In 1964, the mechanical device paved the way for an electromechanical slot device. It was electrically operated. With hoppers, players can make automatic payouts. In that event, the slot device became handier.

Video slots came into the picture in the seventies and nineties. In that incident, slot machines started to include an additional screen bonus round to activate a new screen. Bettors would win bonus payouts as well.

At the same time, slots began to appear on the online scene. So players could play casinos on online platforms. The machines provide free mode options so that punters could practice gaming without paying any deposit. Any individual ready to play the real money game could deposit into their casino account through a virtual bank. He can pitch himself against other online players for monetary prizes.

Nowadays, bettors can select either the 3-reel slot machines or the 5-reel slots. The real point is that the old-fashioned 3-reel slot has started to arouse interest again. It is raising the morale of most casinos to give the nostalgic 3-reel slot a shot. One of the most interesting of these brand-new retro slots is RTG's Wild Fire 7s.


The Wild Fire 7s captures the sentimentality of the good old days. The theme and design of the game awaken the atmosphere of the old-fashioned, 3-reel slot machines. However, there are also elements of advanced technology that resonate with a 21st-century environment.

As you spin the reels, you will come across all kinds of classic symbols. They include gold bars, the popular 7s, and gems. Aside from the conventional three-reel system, there is a fourth reel where players can access bonus games and multipliers.

Perhaps, you can also unlock the progressive jackpot and claim the jackpot prize. The prize features all the deposits of previous bettors. Are you unsure about how its payouts work? The thing is, it varies. Sometimes, it can pay out hundreds of dollars or even more.

What’s more? The essential reel in the Wild Fire game is the fourth reel, which is surprising since most retro slots comprise three reels. But in this slot, the fourth reel is the one where you can access all the most formidable features.

Unlike other vintage slots, the Wild Fire has a multiplier character that appears on the fourth wheel. When the symbol appears, your win amount multiplies based on the multiplier's combination.

You can also unlock the progressive jackpot through the 4th reel. You will access the entire pot if the jackpot symbol appears during the main game on the fourth reel. You can claim as much as five hundred dollars and the amount burgeons from there.

The 4th reel activates the free spin feature, and the bettor will receive seven free spins. It means that you can claim three freebies. First, you can get free spins. Second, you will receive payouts for any wins through the free spins. Finally, you will receive a five times multiplier.

Other Websites to Play Wild Fire Slot

Here are a few other websites where you can play Wild Fire 7s:


The above review has identified all the core details you need to get cracking with Wild Fire Slot. You can opt for the slot today for real money or free. As you journey through the casino, rest assured of a memorable experience.

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