Bonus Exclusion of Games

Well, you just have understood what are wagering requirements. But when reading the terms and conditions, search if it is noted that some games are excluded. If it is stated that Roulette does not count towards wagering requirements, then you know that if you play on Roulette, your wagering level will not increase. So if you play all on Roulette and win, you won’t be able to cash out your winnings. You will be required to wager the fixed level on other games, usually Slots or Blackjack. In general, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps are excluded, but again you should read the terms and conditions.

Roulette is a game generally excluded from casino offers!

The games generally excluded are considered “no-risk” wagers, so that’s why online casinos exclude them to avoid getting players inflating their wagering level easily, then cashing out the bonus.

Sometimes the terms are inverted and you are required to wager your bonus on a certain type of games only (generally slots).

Attention, exclusion of games for wagering requirements does not mean that you won’t be able to access these games or play them. That’s just that it will not increase your wagering level if you play on them.